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Data Base: The Catalogue of Caucasus 
Region Earthquakes, with M>=4.0 (K>=11.0) from the ancient times 
to 2000, Compiled by A.A.Godzikovskaya

Russian Version

This catalogue embraces the Caucasus earthquakes since 550 BC till 2000 AD and contain the consolidated information about the key parameters of 2739 earthquakes with magnitude of M>=4.0 (energetic class of K>=11.0) , published in different sources. It contains the new information about the redefinition of all or some earthquakes' parameters and the new information about the aftershocks of major earthquakes.

The catalogue contains the uniform format. It means that each event has a single line description with date, time, co-ordinate, magnitude, energetic class, reference to the bibliography, name of the earthquake and additional information. Each of these parameters fills the certain position in the catalogue.

The catalogue contains the co-ordinates and the opened date of 94 Caucasus's seismological stations, ranged in chronology. Such catalogue structure allows to take account of the development of the observation network.

The list of the sources used in compiling the catalogue could be found in the References. The information about the main sources, as well as the method of selection their data, are discussed in the NOTE. There is a detailed description how to define the parameters of the earthquake.

The data of 1995-2000 are to be preliminary. The catalogue will be gradually filled in a new bibliography and new data.

The catalogue should be used for investigation of background seismicity and dynamic of seismic process in the regions with the energetic level of K>=11.0, as well as for energetic and timing structure of the aftershocks for the areas of the major earthquakes in XX century. It invariably needs to take account of development of observation network in any research.

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