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Within the framework of the joint Russia - Japan Geotraverse Project three deep geological/geophysical cross sections of the lithosphere and asthenosphere in the transition zone from Asian continent to the Pacific Ocean have been constructed.    There are    the Philippine Sea Geotraverse,    the Japan Sea Geotraverse,    and    the Okhotsk Sea Geotraverse.

Leaders of the joint Russia-Japan Geotraverse Project: Prof. A. G. Rodnikov (Geophysical Center RAS, Russia) and Prof. S. Uyeda (Earthquake Prediction Research Center, Japan).

The Data Base of the Pacific lithosphere digital models for these geotraverses is conctructed in the World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics, Moscow (Director Dr. N. A. Sergeyeva ) of the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The computer Data Base contains:
The Geotraverse Project data sets of these digital databases have recently been released as CD-ROM sets. Contents of CD-ROM is available on address:

This Project was sponsored by Russian Foundation for Basic Research   ( RFBR   N 98-07-90201) in 1998-1999.

P.S.     We are looking for support to continue our work at "The Geotraverse Project" in the direction:
Deep Structure Digital Models of Marginal and Inland Sedimentary Basins.

Please, contact us:
Leader of the Geotraverse Project:   Prof. Alexander G. Rodnikov ,
Director of the World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics, Moscow:   Dr. Natalia A. Sergeyeva ,
Geophysisist of the World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics, Moscow:   Dr. Ludmila P. Zabarinskaya ,
Geophysical Center RAS, Molodezhnaya 3, 117296, Moscow, Russia

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